Union, Latina, Inc is an Interpretation and Translation company founded in 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, with the purpose of providing an efficient and targeted approach to your interpretation needs. We specialized in Spanish and multilingual services for the Healthcare (workers' compensation), medical, and business industries.


When you call upon the experience of Union Latina, you can rest assured That your company's image is going to be Represented professionally.




Company Structure

Our company's primary goal is to exceed the expectations of thousands of satisfied  customers.

We are dedicated in providing accurate, timely and quality driven results. Our team of professional Spanish interpreters and translators  are equipped with years of international and local experience to suit your interpreting requirements.






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         Our Mission

The mission of Union Latina is to  "Help you bridge the ​Language Barrier" 

               Union Latina, Inc. 

Interpreters and Translators


Spanish and multilingual interpretation services.